School Portfolio

Here is a list of various schools projects I worked on during my time at Full Sail University. They range from group projects to individual assignments. They represent the breadth of my education.


Final Project – Q-P1D game project

My time with Final Project was a crash course in many parts of game development. My involvement with this project was primarily in design, some level & puzzle design, and audio, as well as testing, QA, and the menus.

Final Build  (Note: you will have to download and unzip to play this)

Final Video Presentation

Final Game Design Document 


Game Design 2 – Ride the Rapids Game Project

Ride the Rapids was an immensely educational experience. This is practically a single person final project. In four weeks we were required to design, develop, code and iterate a game idea. It’s rough, barely functional, and one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. Game Design 2 was the hardest class I took, due to the time commitments it takes for a project like this. And I am very proud of it. Due to that, this is one of the projects I have decided to continue outside of school, so some of the content here might be repeated over on my personal portfolio page.

Final Build for Class (Note: you will have to download and unzip to play this)

Game Design Document

First Testing Documentation

Second Testing Documentation


Project& Portfolio V – Classic Game Pitch

This assignment was a lot of fun. We were challenged to take a classic game, something pre-2000, and create a short pitch presentation for it. I searched a while for a game that others might not do and was rewarded with a good grade and a comment from the instructor that he had never seen anyone do one of these for Battlezone.


Project & Portfolio V – Store Management Trainer Game Design Pitch

This was a single person creative design project that really pushed me. I challenged myself outside of the assignment to create something that others in the class might not think about, and at the same time was suffering through some poorly designed training at my retail job. So I used some of the ideas that popped up during that time to create Store Management Trainer.


Building Functional Groups – Game Pitch Presentation video for Project Testia

In this assignment, we were given a prompt in the form of a short fiction video. From that, we took a number of narrative elements and designed a video game around it. It’s more of a high-level concept assignment more than anything, as well as an exercise in creative work in a group.

Storytelling – Narrative Analysis of Battlefield Hardline 

While I immensely enjoyed the game Battlefield Hardline I enjoyed writing this paper probably just as much. Taking the time to really examine the narrative the game presented, analyze its parts then coherently write about its parts as well as its strength’s and weaknesses was a good experience both as a game enthusiast and as someone who hopes to someday work on a game of this caliber.


Game Mechanics – Base Attack Game Design DocumentVideo Presentation

Base Attack was a game created during a class focused entirely on mechanics driven gameplay. Base Attack was an interesting idea, and I honestly think could be a good game, given some more development. Designed primarily as an analog game, but I think it could be developed as a digital game as well.


Usability – Usability Testing & Documentation for Siphon

Usability was an enlightening experience. The group effort of creating a testing plan, creating testing documentation, performing testing, and then taking all of that data to present in a logical fashion with our interpretation of what the data meant was not only a fascinating experience but an incredible educational one. Here we were given a series of weekly builds for a student team that was further along the program working on their final project. Seeing both a game in that state, the weekly changes and assisting even in a small way was a great experience.


Design Project 1 – The Great Hacking Wars

This project was my first creative group project while attending Full Sail. During this class, we created an analog board game called – The Great Hacking Wars. This was my first experience working on a board game of this nature and enjoyed the group effort immensely. This Slideshare was our final turn-in for the class